We quickly automate business processes
Did you know that every employee in the company can have their own assistant?
Our assistants can manage processes in the field of human resources, support help-desk, legal area, sales or financial management.
Mount-channel solutions: The solutions we propose can be used regardless of the desired digital communication channel: web, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, WeChat, intranet, Teams, Slack, Twilio.
DRUID is a conversational AI platform designed to help companies in the process of digital transformation and which streamlines activities and improves customer interactions:
• Answer the questions
• Send notifications
• Delivers reports
• Track tasks
• Fill in the forms
• Routes to an agent
Advantages of chatbots:
• The client talks in natural language with the chatbot
• The chatbot quickly understands and resolves customer requests
• Chatbot available 24/7
• New channels are available to discuss with customers
• No code platform - easy to use and configure
• Flexible deployment (local, cloud, or hybrid)
• Chatbot coaches do not need technical skills 

RPA course created by 2 Romanian companies for the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași

Aliant, one of the leading IT integrators and IT service management providers, and Tailent, the Romanian technology company known for democratizing access to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, have entered into a partnership with the Faculty...
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Seminar "Facility Management Process Automation - DRUID & Aliant"

You can follow the registration of the seminar "Automation of Facility Management processes - DRUID & Aliant" following this link:
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