Frequently asked questions
Is it more cost effective to buy a new printer or a new cartridge line?
A new line of new cartridges is definatelly more profitable. Some think that it's more cost effective to buy a new printer but this is not true since the new printers come with demo cartridges, which contain around 20-30% ink or toner in them, so as a result you have to buy 3-4 new printers to print as much as one set of new cartridges.

Which cartridges are more cost effective, standard or XL?
The XL because it prints more with them and comes out with a lower price / page ratio.

How do I know which cartridge to buy?
To properly buy the cartridge that fits your printer, you need the codes on the cartridges that are in your printer or can be purchased after the printer model, which is written on your printer. We do not recommend buying cartridges after visual identification, but only by cartridge code or printer model (although there are many cartridges that are visually similar, they are not compatible).

Original or compatible cartridges?
Original! Original cartridges are best for your printers and with them you can get a quality print. Compatible cartridges, even if they are cheaper, are in most cases of poor quality in the sense that they are actually remanufactured cartridges (empty cartridges that are refilled, packaged and then sold as we are). The compatible cartridges do not get a quality print, plus they print with them even fewer sheets than the original ones and their failure rate is very high.

What is a "waste toner" and why can't I empty it, but better to get a new one?
Waste Toner Container is the "bottle" where the waste toner is collected.
Normally this bottle is replaced by a new one, which is consumable. It is not advisable to drain it by the consumer for environmental reasons, but firstly because it is very toxic. The residual toner is an extremely fine powder, practically a suspension easy to inhale. Further, it must be borne in mind that there is a sensor that needs to be cleaned in order for the equipment to notice that the waste toner bottle has been emptied.
What is the degree of color coverage at which the life of a toner cartridge that we find in the manufacturer's specifications is calculated?
5%, this being the European ISO standard.

What does printing cost mean and how is it calculated?
When buying a printer or multifunctional you need to take this into account, it is vital. Cost per page actually means the cost you give each time you list a page, the cost of the cartridge divided by the number of pages you print with it. In the case of inkjet cartridges, the cost is much higher than the cost per page obtained with a laser cartridge, even if the initial investment is higher, in the printer and in the cartridge.
Does my company need a contract for maintenance and IT service?
YES. With such a subscription you have the following benefits:
1. The risk of losing critical information (permanent monitoring and backup) decreases.
2. Rapid problem solving by knowing the infrastructure, equipment and weaknesses.
3. Continuity in solving IT problems and confidentiality of information.
4. High professional qualification and experience of several IT specialists with various companies.
5. Transparency in reporting intervention hours.
The costs are much lower than for a specialized employee! Experience in the field shows that for a company with up to 30 computers (or more but scattered at work points) it is cheaper and more efficient to conclude a service contract. By outsourcing these services, the additional taxes and fees on the salary for an employee disappear, which almost doubles your costs. Also, we are sure that you will find our rates for the range of services offered to be extremely attractive.
A team of IT specialists is better than a single IT specialist! Each member of our team of professionals is specialized in a particular IT field and together we can find the best solution to meet the requirements of your company.

Is outsourcing IT services a solution for SMEs?
By outsourcing IT services to a specialized firm, the costs of a company are lower than if it would hire a dedicated person, and small and medium-sized companies are beginning to realize this.
The structure of the IT system, especially from a functional point of view, is about the same, regardless of the size of the company, so that the main components that a company outsources are the Internet connection, with the sub-services: web page, e-mail, navigation; the hardware component of IT, which includes servers, workstations, printers, scanners, UPS; as well as general applications, such as ERP (business management) system, CRM (customer management) system, as well as data saving and internal communication applications.
By outsourcing the IT to a specialized company, much lower costs are obtained than in the case of hiring a dedicated person and much lower compared to the support received from an "more skilled" employee, who mainly has other tasks within the company.
Do I really need a license for Office? Not just for Windows?
Both the operating system and the additional application packages fall under the copyright law. The fact that there is a license on some of the applications used does not relieve the user of the obligation to pay these rights of use. But why is it so expensive? I know that application packages can be expensive, but it must be taken into account that they are productivity tools and, on the other hand, the price / income ratio is completely different in the USA and Romania. In this sense we can find together the most financially advantageous ways for your company.
Can I use Windows Home to office?
Yes, you can use the Home operating system in the business environment, instead it has the disadvantage of the fact that, besides the lack of tools specific to the business environment, it cannot be introduced in a domain. But neither Office Home & Business? Office Home & Business can be used in the business environment. The only package that cannot be used in the business environment is Office Home & Student.

What is antivirus software?
Antivirus software protects email, instant messages and other files by removing "worms" viruses. It can at the same time put the infected files in quarantine to prevent a virus from spreading to your computer and can repair the infected files so you can use them without fear of computer damage or spreading a virus on the network. or to other computers.
What risks are involved?
If your computer is not protected against the latest viruses, leave the system wide open for every bug, worm, or virus running on the Internet. These viruses can cause computer damage. They can make your computer vulnerable to attacks by identity thieves and hackers.
What can I do to protect myself?
Install antivirus software on your computer and make daily updates.

What is the difference and the relationship between kilobytes and kilobytes?
In the field of telecommunications, speed is measured in bits per second (and multiples thereof), while applications refer to the amount of data transferred, expressed in bytes per second (and multiples thereof).Bytes is used in the context of the amount of useful information transferred (the unit of measurement being Bytes per second). Bits or bits is used in the context of the speed of a connection, in which case the unit of measure is bits per second. In general, the notation for bytes when reporting speed is bytes or B, while for bits it is bit or b.
The storage media use Bytes and its multiples (Mb, Gb, Tb, etc.) to calculate the size of files that can be stored.
What are the chances of losing useful information?
Over 10% of hard drives have operating problems in the first year of use. The cost of data recovery exceeds several thousand Euro, without the success of such an operation being guaranteed.
Over 40% of users of a personal computer lose files every year. Retrieving incorrectly deleted or mistakenly saved information is very difficult and often impossible.
Out of 100 stolen laptops, only 3 get to return to the rightful owner. Industry reports claim that computer thefts are, after viruses, one of the most important reasons why companies lose money.
What are we saving?
One of the important elements in establishing a backup strategy is the size - how much space is needed for it. Also, the amount of data we add periodically as well as the frequency with which we add new personal files must be taken into account.
As the costs of Back-up increase with the amount of data, it is useful to choose with discernment what exactly we want to be able to restore in case of data loss.
How do we save?
The choice of the Back-up strategy depends very much on the amount of data, the frequency with which it changes and the available budget. From simply burning DVD or BluRay to automatic backup solutions can help you back up your data.
What do you need to know in order to buy a powerful laptop?
Choosing a high-performance laptop can be a difficult decision. Most of the time the buyer is impressed by certain qualities of a laptop, such as: a large hard disk, large RAM or a generous display.

You should know that in order to buy a high-performance laptop we have to avoid configurations with a large RAM and a poor processor, or a large display and the rest of the poorly configured components. In the case of the laptop, compared to the PC, the upgrade possibilities are limited and perhaps more expensive, which is why a number of factors must be taken into account when purchasing a high-performance laptop.

One of the most important factors in purchasing a good laptop is its usefulness. Some buyers do not take into account their real needs and purchase expensive and expensive laptops even though they will never use that device to their maximum potential, it is not necessarily a mistake taking into account the above mentioned regarding the upgrade possibilities, but the purchase can be adjusted financially if the needs of each user are known.

Most brands of laptops have divided the production series according to these needs. The most common ones are cheap laptops (Home), multimedia laptops, business laptops (Office) and gaming laptops.
Business laptops
Office series business laptops are used in offices and for business people who are on the move. Specific to business laptops are the portability, security and easy management of data by IT departments.

This type of laptop has a display of 10 inches or less and weighs less than 1.5 kg.

Laptops with 10-inch or smaller displays are called netbooks. There are laptops in this category that have processors that can run Full-HD movies, but most are laptops with limited possibilities, indicated to those who travel and will only have access to the Internet for checking e-mail or engineers for checking other electronic systems. In the case of these mini laptops, the lack of optical drive can be a minus point.

The battery life of these laptops offers a high operating life, especially due to the low energy components. There are models that can operate for up to 10 hours.
Home laptops
Users who use the laptop for Internet browsing, information, blogging, social networking, chat, video conferencing and other applications that do not require a great laptop would be advised to choose the cheap laptops from the Home series. They are the cheapest laptops, between about 1300 and 2200 lei, and offer maximum utility for a small investment.

This type of laptop has a display of 14.1 inches - 15.6 inches and a weight of 2 - 3 Kg

It is the range of laptops with the most models, which has a quality-price ratio suitable for anyone and classic sizes. In this range there are also high-performance models, but with high prices, laptops with which manufacturers want to differentiate between them.

Most of the models in this category are attractive products in price and with appropriate configurations. However, you have to be careful, because here you will find most models with faulty manufacturing.
Multimedia laptops
Multimedia laptops offer better connectivity and portability compared to the cheap laptops in the Home series, using applications that require more resources at the same time, maybe even less gaming. These multimedia laptops are between about 2200 and 3500 lei.

This type of laptop has a display between 11.6 and 13.3 inches in size and weighs less than 2 Kg.

Also called ultra-portable, they differ from the laptops presented above by better processors. Ulta-laptops are mini-laptops, lightweight and of special design, having configurations created for multimedia applications. Many models can offer higher performance than those in the 14.1 - 15.6 inch category, the only minuses being the absence of the optical drive and the price often peppered. But for those who travel often, such a computer is the ideal choice.

Gaming laptops
Those who want to use the laptop for the most part to play the latest games, which require a lot of resources, have to choose a Gaming series laptop that can reach up to 30,000 lei.

The gaming laptop has a display of 16 inches or larger and weighs more than 3 Kg.

Gaming laptops can successfully replace a desktop PC. If you're not interested in portability and consider your desktop PC too big and too noisy, the gaming laptop fits you. The gaming laptops have high resolution displays, high performance processors, a generous hard drive and top video card.

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