IT auditing and analysis

IT audit

Information Technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important in business strategy, operations and internal audit in most organizations. An increasing dependence on technology can deliver significant benefits to an organization but can also raise additional security, integrity and control issues. At Aliant Business Solutions, we understand how vital it is to manage these business and regulatory concerns. Our Risk Audit and Consulting Services can help protect your organization's IT systems, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and provide in-depth information to enable IT managers to bring real cost savings and gain a competitive advantage. in the market.

Our team of specialists is at your disposal

Design and develop audit plans for IT systems by identifying the technology behind the business process; Identify risks and threats for business process objectives; Determines the severity of the risks; Develop audit tests to test the effectiveness of control systems; Designate associates to perform parts of the audit; and incorporate audit and security architectures, methodologies and standards.

Recommends business and technology strategies, processes, infrastructure and automation methods by identifying and determining deficiencies and the rigor of control systems; Assessment of the current environment against internal standards, policies, procedures. IT standards and architectures.

Manages the testing of IT systems (eg applications, databases, operating system, data, infrastructure) for the effectiveness of information technology (IT) and managerial control by overseeing the evaluation of IT components of platforms and applications against standards, policies , internal procedures, IT standards and architectures; and supervising and coaching associates for audit techniques, reasoning, and audit projects.

Managing the audit process by directing the workflow in the project, ensuring compliance with the audit methodology; communication with internal and external managers; reporting the main conclusions and concerns; production of audit documents and working documents; documentation of findings and recommendations for management analysis and presentations; supervising the completion of the product in progress; participating in customer conferences to ensure customer satisfaction; and assisting with solutions to customer and team issues.

Managing the activity of complying with test regulations by coordinating with process owners to identify and test control systems; validation of the audit process documentation; IT and business information analysis to identify opportunities for improvement; and collaborating with external auditors to test compliance of control systems with regulations.

Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders; identifies business needs; determines and executes necessary processes and methods; monitors progress and results; identifies and capitalizes on opportunities for improvement; and adapts to competing demands, organizational changes and new responsibilities.

It helps shape compliance with company policies and procedures to support vision, mission, values, ethical standards and integrity, by incorporating them into the development and implementation of business plans.

Our specialists have extensive experience in IT control and audit, certified by professional accreditations. Through IT audit services, Aliant Business Solutions assists clients through a wide range of IT assurance services, including technical, operational and security audits.

Areas of analysis include:

- Audit of internal / external IT systems
- Internet and firewall audit
- Network and data security
- Computer security
- High power computing systems
- Servers, clients, local and regional networks
- Information systems procedures and policies
- Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
- E-commerce initiatives
- Data processing by third parties

The integrity of information and delivery management is critical to the stability of each customer's business. Our IT specialists can identify, evaluate and recommend solutions that reduce system vulnerabilities and improve operational efficiency through a wide range of services offered.

IT Audit Services

- Description of Information Control Systems
- Testing of control systems
- Analysis of general information control systems and application control systems.
- Analysis of operational practices and technical infrastructure.
- Systems analysis in terms of security intelligence and correlation of security events.

IT Security Analysis

- Audit, control and security of physical and virtualized systems
- Audit, control and security of devices that ensure perimeter security (firewall, IDS, IPS, etc.)
- Internet and DMZ server protection - web, email, DNS, FTP, etc.

Information System Management

- The ability of IT to support the business
- Strategic management planning and organization of information systems
- Risk evaluation
- Evaluating the business process
- Analysis of internal policies and procedures
- Disaster recovery planning and business continuity
- Security awareness training


- Analysis of evaluation and planning of applications for e-business and internet
- Audit, control and security of the e-commerce platform


- Ability to address network infrastructure issues with an impact on business.
- Recommendations on the optimal redesign of the network infrastructure to support current and future business needs.
- Prevent future operational losses that could occur due to network infrastructure incidents.
- Verification of the capacity of the current network to support business processes.
- Optimization of infrastructure investment decisions, based on the recommendations established by the audit process.


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