Logiscool brings Tailent software robots to the team and prepares to integrate RPA into the education process

The Logiscool Romania programming school, leader in edu-tech programs for children starting the age of 7, digitalizes and automates its activity with the help of intelligent software robots through a technological partnership with the Romanian startup Tailent. The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology developed by Tailent allows Logiscool to streamline a wide range of operational processes and could be integrated in educational activities in the future, in order to always provide access to state-of-the-art technologies to children attending the Logiscool courses.
“Technology is in our DNA, so it is natural to always look at the most advanced technological solutions. The first step is to integrate Tailent’s intelligent software robots into our activity, to optimize certain repetitive operational processes and allow the team to focus on more relevant activities. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of bringing RPA technology closer to children who are preparing, with our help, to become the next generation of technology creators”, says Indira Abdulvoap, General Manager of Logiscool Romania.
Tailent solutions bring convenient, affordable RPA technologies closer to companies, providing unprecedented flexibility, performance and scalability in the development and use of intelligent software robots designed for existing applications, tailored to business needs and ready for immediate use.

“Robotic Process Automation is one of the technologies that will redefine the future. With intelligent software robots in the team, companies will operate more efficiently, leaving repetitive and redundant processes to technology and helping people create more value through what they do. We want to contribute to the democratization of this technology, and this means not only bringing  this technology to companies in any field, but also supporting the training of future generations to create quality technological solutions in Romania”, says Mario Popescu, CEO of Tailent.

The customizing of Tailent automation technology to the needs of Logiscool Romania and the implementation in operational processes is performed by Aliant, a company specialized in the design and integration of infrastructure solutions and a Tailent Gold Partner. Aliant is a major regional player in the field of IT software solutions and services, which has developed significant internal capabilities in this direction and signed a strategic partnership with Tailent this year, being certified and prepared to deliver RPA software robots to companies in industries such as education, health, finance-accounting, human resources, retail and logistics.
“With over 15 years of experience in implementing IT infrastructure projects and business optimization software solutions, we are ready for complex projects and we are happy to see RPA technology more and more present. We support education and we want to take Tailent technologies further, making them accessible to the younger generations”, explains Bogdan Ciubotaru, Chief Commercial Officer at Aliant.


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