Managed Print Services


Office Managed Printing Services (MPS)

We are in the middle of an explosion of content. Companies have more paper and digital files than they can handle. We can help you organize your content, reduce cost, streamline processes, and print less with our managed office services.
Managed printing services represent the active management and optimization of printing devices as well as related business processes.

These services are facilitated by key software applications that fall into one of the following categories:

1. Management software for managing the volume and type of prints as well as for user authentication
2. Software for monitoring printing devices in the customer environment
3. Device discovery software, for analysis and design necessary to plan the changes necessary to implement such a solution.
4. Software for transporting scanned documents to various destinations, including fax servers, document storage, or workflows.

How does it work?

When it comes to printing, most companies have 4 simple requirements:

1. Cost reduction and control
2. Productivity
3. Security and compliance
4. Automation of paper-based processes


We evaluate and optimize

We will perform a comprehensive assessment of the printing environment, document infrastructure and workflows. This will give you a correct basis for your current printing expenses. Then, we will develop a roadmap for the ideal future state, including the cost reduction projection.

We secure and integrate

The transition from the current state to the future ideal state will be designed with our help. We will also help you connect everything to your IT environment in a secure and compliant manner.
We automate and simplify
You can focus on the core processes in your company while we manage day-to-day printing operations and your entire document infrastructure. At the same time, we can automate paper-based processes in order to increase productivity by reducing printing.


- Reduce printing costs by up to 30%
- Complete and continuous cost transparency
- Reduction of fixed assets in the company's balance sheet
- Minimum or even zero capital investment
- High availability of printing devices
- User satisfaction
- Device fleet management
- One invoice to process
- Proactive help desk for users
- Service Level Agreement (SLA)
- Single Point of Contact (SpoC)
- The implementation of the solution does not involve the replacement of devices already in operation, regardless of their manufacturer.

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