Software licensing solutions

Software licensing solutions

Did you know that a company can reduce its costs by up to 60% through multi-computer licensing programs? Regardless of its size, every organization needs protection against software piracy. In addition to the security offered, proper licensing also offers the following benefits: free downloads and upgrades, special offers that include discounts.
From operating systems to antivirus, from graphics editing programs to technical design programs, Aliant Business Solutions offers a wide range of software tools, providing purchasing advice based on hardware compatibility, on-demand installation and maintenance.
Operating system - Windows 10 brings the highest levels of security and an interface designed to provide the most enjoyable user experience and enjoys excellent hardware and software compatibility. This compatibility means much reduced resource consumption and improved user control over computing system resources.
Microsoft Office - provides the user with flexible and powerful tools, continuously improved, with the help of which he can excel in everything he does - at work or in academia. In addition to the classic Microsoft Office desktop suite, Microsoft also offers: Microsoft Office for Mac, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.

The importance and necessity of purchasing a software license is often neglected or not prioritized by a large part of Romanian companies, including those in the field of design. Often the purchase of a license has been and is done under limit conditions, in a hurry, without being correlated with the development plan of the design department or the company.

The software applications that Aliant Business Solutions currently markets cover a wide range; from 2D and 3D CAD applications to office and utility applications, applications for the fields: infrastructure, architecture and design, urbanism, industrial design, topography and geodesy.
Autodesk - is a leader in the development of 2D and 3D design and engineering software applications. With intuitive and proven conceptual design, drawing, visualization and presentation solutions, all in one package, the AutoCad suite gives you quick access to the new business trend, allowing you to create compelling images and easily communicate the Autodesk suite of products represents an economically convenient purchase and offers a competitive advantage.

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