Thermal scanning solutions


Aliant implements Hikvision thermal scanners
Factories, office buildings, medical clinics, banks, courts and other crowded workplaces, where the regulation of temperature is needed in these times can find a trusted ally in Aliant. 
Because we've always supported companies to adapt and evolve no matter the context, we've tested the biosecurity systems and are highlighting the best performing ones.
Aliant is an integrator of the automated Hikvision thermal scanners, which can perform the screening of up to 30 people in an access point with the instant diagnostic of fever without the requirement of physical contact. When a person with a high temperature is detected, the alarm is automatically triggered. 
Thermal scanning is completely safe, with a high precision (± 0.5 °C) and a long range of action.
The principle of operation based on the artificial intelligence reduces false alarms.
The solution of the Hikvision thermal cameras is net superior to those of forehead thermometers. 
·         the scanning capacity is five times as large (60 vs 12 people/minute);
·         the screening is done in real time;
·         thermal images can be stored and sent through wi-fi on a PC or mobile phone;
·         unnecessary physical contact is avoided, reducing the exposure of employees in charge of screening.
Depending on the size of the company or institution, we offer adaptive solutions, for the simultaneous scanning of multiple access points. 
We ensure consulting about identifying the optimal solution for every organization, provide and install equipment and software, calibrate the thermal scanning system and instruct the staff. We remain close after implementation through technical assistance to ensure the error-free process of the sorting.
The technical team at Aliant is at your disposal to implement thermal scanning in your organization in the shortest of timea. Contact us at to get an offer and personalized recommendations.

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