Workplace solutions

PC & Laptop

Aliant Business Solutions offers a rich range of computing technology for the office, for various professional activities, with classic or elegant design, which meets various needs, from basic to the most demanding related to performance, speed, extensibility, power, capacity or style, products of well - known brands: Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, etc   Assembled PCs - customizable computing units, modulated in various configurations, which meet the specific needs of the customer, both technical and price. Branded PCs - preconfigured computing units, which pay attention to every detail, with increased reliability, delivered with all the necessary software. Laptops - performance, graphics and communication tools that enhance the digital experience or complete daily computing tasks and keep in touch with all business partners, from the office or on the go.

Peripheral devices

Used to extend the functionality of computing systems, the diverse range of peripheral devices offered by Aliant Business Solutions meets a variety of needs, from technical performance to usability, from manufacturer to design and style, wireless or wired.   The range of peripheral input devices is wide, from classic, multimedia, wired or wireless keyboards to special-use keyboards, from wired or optical mice to trackball, from various scanners to optical pencils, from microphones to web cam   Peripheral output devices transmit information from the computer to the external environment, from black and white or color printers, laser or ink-jet, classic or multifunctional to plotters, from headphones to speakers, etc.   Peripheral input-output devices are used both to enter information into the computer and to transmit information from the computer to the environment and include touchscreen devices, hard disk, flash memory, streamer, CD-RW, DVD-RW, MO-disk, RAM / static-drive, network card, router, its switch

Test Drive XEROX

Probează, printează și decide în 90 de zile! Încearcă performanța unui echipament de printare XEROX la tine la birou și hotărăște-te dacă îți dorești să îl achiziționezi. Solicită acum o imprimantă î...
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Echipamente pentru telemuncă, prin finanțare nerambursabilă

Pandemia a reconfigurat pentru mulți dintre noi dinamica de lucru, una dintre cele mai profunde schimbări în mediul de business fiind tranziția către munca de acasă. Pe 9 septembrie, Guvernul României a publicat în Monitorul...
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